Assembly of electronic cards (PCB-A) and electronic devices

At SYSTRONIC-ems (Electronic Manufacturing Services) SA, each customer request is treated as a unique project to offer the best solution every time at the right price.

We do not consider ourselves only as a subcontractor, but as a co-contractor: our customers are partners with whom we maintain long term relationships of trust.

Not only we do produce electronic cards (PCB-A) but we can support you from start to finish in your products, from its design to the final delivery to your customer as well as after-sales service.

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  • Conception de cartes électroniques
  • Conception de boîtiers et d'appareils électroniques


  • Achats wordwide groupés
  • Gestion des obsolescences

Manufacture of electronic cards

  • All types of PCB
  • Through / SMD mix
  • Components up to 010005
  • 0.3mm pitch BGA


    • Electromecanical assemblies
    • Sheet Metal


  • AOI 3D automatic optical inspection
  • Flying probes
  • Test benches set up

After sales service

  • Réparations

Assemblage de cartes électroniques

L'assemblage robotisé des cartes électroniques ( PCB-A) est le métier premier de Systronic-ems SA.

Notre ligne de production comprend notamment 2 placeurs de dernière génération , une machine de sérigraphie, un four à refusion multizones et un inspecteur optique tridimensionnel.

Cette ligne de production permet d'assembler des composants aussi petits que 01005, des BGA de toutes tailles, y copmris les micros BGA.

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