Our development team is able to assist you in your projects, whatever their complexity.

For the overall concept of a product based on specifications supplied by you or produced together, an electronic card, a redesign of a card to optimize its production cost or to compensate for components osolescence , you can take advantage of our know-how and experience.

Electronic design

  • Design of electronic cards based on specifications.
  • Analog, digital electronics, microprocessors and microcontrollers, power electronics, regulation, ...

PCB Layout

  • Layout of simple and multilayer printed cirduit boards.
  • All types of supports, epoxy, flexible circuits / Kapton, PEEK )
  • Strict respect of good practices and standards

Mechanical design

  • Mechanical design of metal or plastic parts, from simple cases to complex mechanical assemblies.


  • Mise en place de stratégies / protocoles de tests
  • Développement de bancs de tests fonctionnels
  • Tests de cartes et d'appareils complets, certificats de tests
  • Boundary scan


Software development

  • Development for microcontrollers (language C)
  • Development of .NET applications

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